The Rolling Home

Converting a Luton Van to a Motorhome

The Rolling Home
The Conversion

Building a Bathroom

I decided to use a composting toilet as these are much lower maintenance than chemical toilets and better for the environment. I was very lucky and chanced across the Separett Villa 9010 for just £200 new on ebay, these are normally £700 so it was a really good find, the guy selling it bought it for his narrowboat but it was few cm too big for his toilet room.

I started by making the frame that the bed would sit on top of. This will also support the partition wall been created to section off the bathroom. I chose to use OSB (Oriented Strand Board) for the wall as it’s cheap, strong, water resistant and easy to work with.

Motorhome toilet build chipboard walls ready

I added in the ceiling panel and lights for the bathroom and then moved on to fitting the shower tray and walls. I used a 585mm square shower tray (ebay link). It’s quite small but still big enough for a shower. I then used white PVC cladding (ebay link) for the walls. It’s really lightweight and easy to use, plus it looks smart when it’s finished.

ceiling fittedtoilet & shower

It was tricky to find a way to attach the cladding to the window seal but I found some flexible plastic lipping in b&q that was a perfect fit and looks really smart. I made a door for the room using cladding on the exterior side and PVC cladding on the interior

Almost finished BathroomFinished bathroom with door

The toilet has a 12v fan that runs 24/7 to prevent any odours. This is what the white pipe is for shown on the photos. I also have another booster fan as the one n the toilet isn’t that powerful. Above the toilet will eventually be the bathroom cabinet. I still haven’t got round to finishing it off

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