The Rolling Home

Converting a Luton Van to a Motorhome

The Rolling Home
The Conversion

Fitting Doors and Windows

This stage really transforms the look of the van and starts making it look a bit more homely. I used the doors and windows that I stripped out of an old caravan. They were perfect for the job and easy to fit.

Inside before conversion hole chopped ready for the door The door once fitted

Here you can see the van before and after fitting the door. I wasn’t sure what the shell was going to be made of, it said in the cab it is made from GRP (fiberglass) so I used a angle grinder to make the first cut. This was pretty messy and made some horrible smoke, it turned out that the shell is plywood sandwiched between 2 layers of fiberglass and the plywood was causing the smoke. Once I figured what material I was working with I switched to the jigsaw. The only problem was the fiberglass was dulling the jigsaw blades pretty quickly and it wasn’t until I had almost finished cutting the doors and windows that I found that the aluminium jigsaw blades stayed sharp much longer against the fiberglass than the wood blades I had been using.


ready for the window seal wooden frame ready for window seal window seal fittedCampervan with windowss cut

Above you can see that after cutting a hole out for the window I then made a wooden frame on the inside of the van. The window seal fitted around a 3omm thick wall in the caravan so I bulked out the wall to that thickness before fitting the seal

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