The Rolling Home

Converting a Luton Van to a Motorhome

The Rolling Home
The Conversion

Making a Bed & Storage

The bed is the most important part of any campervan. I decided to have it over the cab to utilise the space as well as possible. this leaves a huge space under the bed that needs to be turned into accessible.

I started by building a shelf unit. Each shelf can hold two 30L storage containers.


I then made a unit on wheels. It has steps on the front to get in to help you get in to bed and there are cupboards behind the steps. It slides out so I can get to my shelf unit and the open storage area to the side of the shelves.

storage unit with steps

I added slats to the bed base. Slats are better than solid wood as the mattress can breathe and is less susceptible to mold. The mattress then sits on the slats. I bought a 4ft foam double mattress from ebay. I went for the shallowest one I could find as I didn’t want it to use up too much of the height of the bed area. It’s actually a really comfy mattress and very good value for money,  it was around £50 delivered. I bought another one the same which got chopped up and used for the sofa cushions.

bed and mattress

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