The Rolling Home

Converting a Luton Van to a Motorhome

The Rolling Home
The Conversion

The Beginnings

I’m not really sure how the project came about but in Autumn 2015 after a hiking holiday to walk the TMB in France I came across some photos of converted Luton vans. I’d always liked the idea of having a house on wheels but there had always been a few things that held me up. Firstly the expense of getting a decent van. Second that most vans just don’t seem homely, there always seemed to be quite a compromise of comfort, space or facilities. Lastly I’d always liked the idea of a large living space but as I’m limited to drive a max weight of 3.5 tons on my license I thought I was quite limited.

Then I came across some pictures of converted Lutons online, these ticked all the boxes I had previously and suddenly I found myself been drawn in to the idea of converting a van. Here’s a few that gave me inspiration for my project

Sleeping area in luton motorhome conversion Kitchen in Luton camper conversion View from the door on Luton camper Conversion

I couldn’t find a huge number of converted Lutons online but I started to piece together ideas on what I wanted to do. Once I decided that this was a project that I wanted to embark on I started planning. My idea was to buy an old caravan to use for windows, doors, fridge etc and whilst it seemed like a good idea to start by buying the Luton van that I would convert I realised that if I did that first I wouldn’t have anywhere to store a caravan while I stripped it down.┬áSo off caravan shopping!

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